Nilan Service Center

Enhancing monitoring and efficiency

Experience a comprehensive overview and achieve optimal functionality with the Nilan Service Center. This distinctive program offers swift monitoring and optimisation capabilities for Nilan ventilation systems and heat pumps. By ensuring optimal operation, you not only minimise energy consumption but also guarantee a good indoor climate, free from issues like humidity, rot, and mold.

Utilising the Nilan Gateway (LAN/WiFi) integrated into the ventilation system, connecting to the Nilan Service Center is effortless. The installation of the program on a local computer provides a secure platform that consistently operates at the highest security level.


Instant Notification for Operational Issues

Receive immediate email notifications in case of operational errors such as a switched-off ventilation system, incorrect settings, or overconsumption. This feature allows you to respond promptly through the app, eliminating the need to connect to a PC or visit the location to address the current challenges. Manage multiple homes efficiently, leading to improved time planning and optimal resource utilisation.

App Solution Features:

  • Check for alarms and view corresponding alarm codes
  • Monitor real-time data
  • Access the Event List
  • Record and review notes
  • Explore the Possibilities with the App Solution

For a more in-depth understanding of the Nilan Service Center and its advantages, feel free to reach out to us. We are here to answer any questions you may have regarding its usage and benefits.

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