Responsible business partner

We always strive to be a trustworthy, reliable and ambitious business partner, and it is important that this is reflected through our actions, internally as well as externally.

It is therefore a priority of ours to participate in projects that focus on energy efficient building construction and especially Passive Houses. Influencing the direction of the ventilation and heat pump industry - both in terms of politics and technology – is of high importance to Nilan.

We are also actively involved in the environmental debate, through memberships in relevant organisations within the field of low energy consumption. We have a clear perspective and eagerly engage in dialogue to achieve results that benefit our common future.


Int. Passive House Association

The International Passive House Association in Germany works to promote the standard for passive houses and raise awareness of this type of highly energy-efficient buildings.
The members exchange knowledge and experience and contribute with input from each part of the industry


Nilan actively participates in the environmental debate and in the development of new technologies and is currently part of a new project that has developed an intelligent system to ensure a good indoor climate and low energy consumption.

Nilan is part of the EUDP project, which is a collaboration between VELUX Group, DTI and Nilan to develop the next generation indoor climate and energy control (Smart Green Indoor Climate Manager) with the help of, among other things, documentation, and testing for a 2-year period.

The technology supports the green transition in both Denmark and the EU with significant savings on energy consumption.

The next phase, which will start in the autumn of 2022, is to find six families in Denmark, France and Germany who will help test the newly developed technology.

GoGreen by Nilan

Nilan's promise to future generations goes beyond ventilation and heating without the use of fossil fuels. It also covers a focus in our production and general actions in our everyday lives.


We are by nature economical, and this has an impact on our consumption patterns as a company. We constantly optimize and adapt procedures in our production to ensure the least possible waste of raw material in terms of both materials and energy consumption. When we can optimize e.g., minimize consumed space in the transport of our sub-components, we take advantage of the opportunity - both for the sake of the environment and the financial benefit.

Bisnode creditworthiness 

At Nilan we are very proud to announce that we, for more than 10 consecutive years, have received the highest possible accreditation in terms of creditworthiness by Bisnode Denmark. Bisnode defines their rating as being based on “a company’s creditworthiness and ability to survive”.

We therefore consider the score of ‘AAA’, as a result of our continued emphasis on being a trustworthy and economically responsible business partner.

Energy renovation

From the outset, Nilan has been dedicated to furnishing our clientele with ventilation units and heat pumps designed to ensure a wholesome indoor environment while prioritising energy efficiency. Our unwavering commitment stems from the belief that each individual bears a responsibility to future generations and the well-being of our planet.

Transitioning away from reliance on fossil fuels towards heating methods involving heat recovery and renewable energy represents a conscientious choice. This can be achieved by acquiring a new ventilation system or undertaking an energy renovation for older units, particularly when the structure does not permit the replacement of an existing outdated system.