Working closely with architects, developers, and installers

Nilan Ireland works closely with architects, developers, and installers to provide the best suitable solutions for any residential, commercial, or industrial product. We advise, design and support projects from start to finish.

Design Service

The design engineers in Nilan Ireland are able to assist you with compliance to the current building regulations. It is mandatory for all newly constructed residential properties to conform to Part L and Part F, in addition to the remaining sections of the Irish Building Regulations.

Our team will supply you with comprehensive drawings of the ventilation systems for your project. These drawings facilitate the smooth and successful installation.

Nilan Service Center 

Explore the Nilan Service Center. Keep tabs on the ventilation unit's performance and troubleshoot challenges remotely, no matter where you are.

Should an alarm occur from a ventilation unit, the Nilan Service Center promptly sends an email. With each unit having its unique address, pinpointing the problematic it is easy to find exactly the one unit that is failing.

Spot the alarm on the Service Center interface, accessible via PC or the app, and get a head start on the solution even before reaching out to a service technician. This proactive approach trims down time and cuts costs associated with service visits.

A well-functioning unit equals minimal energy consumption, translating to lower operational expenses and a healthier indoor environment free from humidity, rot, and mould. This benefits both the economy, unit, and property.

Want to learn more? Dive into the details by downloading our brochure on Nilan Service Center.

BIM data on ventilation and heat pump solutions

Explore the realm of 3D design with Nilan's ventilation and heat pump solutions. Access AutoCad or Revit drawings enriched with BIM data, providing you with essential technical details for bringing Nilan's constructions to life in your 3D creations.

The selection of available BIM data is continually growing, ensuring you have a wide range of options to choose from.

Discover more about BIM data at Nilan's units here.

Discover the full range of units that precisely cater to your customer's needs,
whether they are seeking functionalities for a residential or commercial facility.