Efficient energy renovation of old units

At the core of Nilan's initiatives lies a commitment to reducing energy consumption. Consequently, we specialise in providing energy renovations for aging ventilation units. This not only prolongs the operational lifespan of your unit but also leads to a substantial reduction in energy usage. The key to progress lies in adopting a proactive stance and implementing a comprehensive, long-term strategy.

The Nilan Service team conducts energy renovations by replacing outdated belt-driven fans with modern and energy-efficient EC fans. Additionally, we upgrade old compressors with frequency-controlled counterparts, optimising the heating and cooling processes within the heat pump. Outdated control systems are also swapped for newer, user-friendly alternatives.

These energy renovations are particularly beneficial for units situated in challenging locations, such as machine rooms or basements, where replacement is impractical. Typically, the return on investment for an energy renovation is realised within a span of 5 years. It's worth noting that old belt-driven fans consume approximately 50% more energy compared to their energy-efficient EC counterparts.