Our promise to the market is based on our mission, vision, and our fundamental belief that you get the best result by choosing the right solution from the start – it is this mindset that ensures a strong partner for your project.

A Nilan aggregate is one of the parts that follows the building through most of its lifespan. Ventilation systems typically run 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This amounts to more the 8,700 hours and is equivalent to the number of hours a car drives if it is used two hours a day for a full 12 years. Therefore, quality is a decisive parameter for the service life of the product.

Many of the aggregates produces in Nilan’s youth continue to run – for more than 30 years.
It proves that we know what we are talking about when we deliver Outstanding Indoor Climate.



We will make people and the environment healthier by supplying premium-quality ventilation and heat pump solutions of the future with the lowest energy consumption.


Our aim is to be known and recognised not only as the most innovative and committed manufacturer of cooling and heating solutions within ventilation and heat pumps for the European construction industry, but also as the leading experts.

We are innovative when we are known for thinking out of the box and for developing product solutions for tomorrow's buildings. We want to be the ventilation and heat pump sector's preferred partner in innovative projects associated with energy-neutral buildings.

We are committed when actively participate in the global environmental debate and take our share of responsibility for the technological and political development in our market. Being committed also means that we engage in individual customer service, and we want our customers to consider us the best cooperative partner and value creator.

We are leading experts when we are the leading product specialists at the forefront of development and thus able to give the best advice - not only on our own systems but also from a construction perspective and in relation to the buildings in which our systems will be installed.