Ventilation of your home

Heat recovery is an energy-efficient way to heat and ventilate your home.

Nilan's Comfort, Combi and Compact units all use the principle of passive heat recovery. This means that you reuse the heat that has already been generated in your home to heat the home again.

The air that comes from the home is sent through the efficient heat exchanger and releases the humidity in the form of condensed water, so that the air is ventilated and pleasantly dry when it is reused in the home.

Nilan's Comfort unit provides your home with ventilation and passive heat recovery with the principle just described and, depending on the model, can be placed either in the utility room or in the attic. If you want more functions in your ventilation unit, you must choose a Combi or Compact system.


With a Combi unit, you increase the comfort in your home - both in the hot summer months and in the cold winter months - as the system provides both comfort cooling and heating of the home.

In summer, with the reversible heat pump, you can reverse the cooling circuit so that the supply air is cooled by up to 14°C compared to the outside air temperature.

As the humidity is drawn out of the air, the comfort in your home increases.

If you, in addition to ventilation, also want to heat the domestic hot water, the right choice is a Compact unit. Nilans Compact offers an "all in one" solution and then some.

In periods when there is no need for heat recovery, the outside air is led past the heat exchanger and all the energy is used to heat the domestic hot water, so it happens almost free of charge.

If you connect a Compact unit with ground heating (GEO) or with outdoor air heat pump (AIR), you get environmentally friendly and extremely quiet heating via underfloor heating or radiators.

Nilan's air-to-water heat pump (AIR9) is the market leader both when it comes to energy labeling (A+++) and quiet operation, according to Energistyrelsen’s (the Danish Energy Agency's) heat pump list on

Nilan has a full range of products for residential homes. Our indoor climate solutions
cover a wide field from ventilation- and heat recovery systems to compact total solutions
which can both ventilate and heat recover, produce domestic hot water, has comfort
heating and comfort cooling plus heating of the home.


When you have acquired a ventilation unit from Nilan, it is important to maintain it and ensure that it works optimally
- beneficial for the indoor climate, but equally beneficial for the wallet.

A unit that does not run optimally uses more energy to handle the job than originally intended.

In the Know how section, you can read what you need to be aware of when your home has a ventilation unit.