Nilan Ireland

Nilan Ireland was founded in the early 2000’s, as direct result of the development of “Low-Energy” and “Passive House” designed buildings. However, expertise was already gathered long before that, when designing solutions that utilised renewable technologies as well as other building services.


Many years of experience

Nilan Ireland’s focus is to build on the experience of Nilan A/S in Denmark by using innovative products that are tried and tested and designed for energy efficient buildings. This is combined with the many years of experience in renewable technologies by all staff within Nilan Ireland.

The driving force behind Nilan Ireland is Maurice Falvey, a mechanical engineer, with many years’ experience in renewable technologies. He attended and completed the European certified passive designer’s course to enhance understanding of building concept and further training in renewable energy’s abroad in Germany, Denmark and Sweden over the years.

Domestic as well as commercial/industrial projects

We use our expertise and innovative products in both domestic as well as commercial/industrial projects. View a selection of the completed projects of the last few years.

Passive houses and low-energy buildings

Nilan Ireland offers mechanical systems, solutions and designs to passive house and low-energy designed buildings, whilst working with Passive House Designers/Consultants, Architects, technologies, home builders and self-builders.

Member Passive House Associations

Nilan Ireland is a member of the: Passive House Association of Ireland & International Passive House Association 

The Passive House Association of Ireland (PHAI) is a catalyst for the increased awareness of the opportunities and benefits of low energy design based on the Passive House Principles, across the Irish construction industry as a whole. Passive House Design is seen as a specifically proven successful way of designing such buildings.

The Mission Statement of the PHAI is:

“to promote, educate, facilitate and develop a strong identity, understanding and demand for the passive house concept.”

Certified Passive House

Nilan Ireland has gained extensive knowledge in passive house construction and low energy building in Ireland and completed the first installation of a Nilan Compact heat pump in a certified passive house in Co. Kerry in Ireland with running cost of €270 per year.

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