Quality assurance

When we emphasise our commitment to examining every aggregate before it departs the factory, we are truly dedicated to conducting comprehensive testing on each unit. Prior to dispatching a new system, our operational tests guarantee compliance with both the market's quality standards and the elevated benchmarks we have established for ourselves.

Our manufacturing team undergoes specialised training to craft our distinct system. Continuous dialogues and assessments ensure a high level of proficiency, facilitating the exchange of knowledge accumulated over Nilan's extensive presence in the ventilation market. When onboarding new team members, we prioritise peer training, allowing crucial details to be personally conveyed, encouraging questions, and thereby enhancing overall comprehension.


Prior to the departure of a Nilan unit from the manufacturing facility, we conduct both a functional test and an operational assessment.

This includes verifying the correct installation and functionality of all sensors and relays. Our colleagues in the Testing department also meticulously examine the performance of the electric cartridge.

During the operational test, a key focus is on evaluating the reversible cooling circuit to guarantee that the unit operates as intended, demonstrating optimal performance in both cooling and heating functions.



Certified Quality

Nilan has received several certifications. Both our quality management system and our aggregates are continuously certified, to ensure that the quality matches the high standards we are so well known for. 

ISO 9001:2015

The globally acknowledged ISO 9001 quality management system plays a vital role in Nilan's operations, facilitating effective management of aspects such as our customer interactions. This system ensures our concentration on processes, continuous monitoring, and thorough evaluation.

We take pride in our adherence to ISO 9001:2015 standards, which encompass various areas, including sales, dimensioning, and the construction of heat pumps with a refrigerant charge exceeding 2.5 kg. This certification reflects our commitment to maintaining high standards.

Annually, Bruun Inspektion A/S conducts audits in accordance with the executive order of the Danish Working Environment (Arbejdstilsynet), underscoring our dedication to compliance and regulatory standards.


Passive house certified

Nilan's Comfort and Compact aggregates are both certified. Specifically, our Compact P models (92 m3/h and 172 m3/h) and our Comfort CT150 (600 m3/h) have earned recognition as Certified Passive House Components.

This certification is granted to components deemed suitable for constructing passive houses, where stringent criteria, particularly for energy efficiency, surpass the minimum requirements outlined in building regulations.

In a passive house, heat recovery must occur primarily from the passive heat generated within the home and contributed by its occupants. The term "passive" reflects this distinctive characteristic, in addition to the exceptionally low energy consumption mandated for such structures.

Smart Grid Ready

Utilising Smart Grid technology allows your aggregate to engage in communication with the intelligent power system, optimizing its usage of grid capacity. The SG Ready certification currently applies to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Nilan's Compact P, Compact P Air9, and Compact P Geo have all obtained Smart Grid Ready certification. These units feature four operational modes activated by an external signal from the utility company. Consequently, the Smart Grid function addresses scenarios such as power shortages, regular operations, periods of economic power availability, and instances of power overcapacity.

Product Development

Our product development work is centered around what has always been Nilan’s goal and motivation:
Creating solutions for the future.

A long-term focus in combination with our great know-how is therefore both a necessity and a reality when we develop new aggregates and new components for the existing products already in Nilan’s portfolio.

Conversely, our experience and adaptability support our ability to meet the needs of any customer. We are happy to take up a challenge and build specially adapted aggregates or specially designed aggregates from scratch when it is the best solution for the customer.

This ability to adapt and leverage our competences has ensured our existence since Nilan was established, and we still believe it is the way forward. We operate in a market that is constantly changing and evolving and only by embracing and working proactively with the opportunities it offers, can we secure aggregates for our customers that are also functional and up to date many years from now.