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About Nilan

Nilan develops and manufactures premium-quality, energy-saving ventilation and heat pump solutions that are beneficial to the environment and provide a healthy indoor climate and low-level energy consumption.

Since the company was founded in Denmark in 1974, Nilan’s activities have spread steadily to international markets. Today, the market has recognised our skills and approved our products. We are now represented across most of Europe and continue to expand.

At the cutting edge of development

We have always maintained a sharp focus on being at the cutting edge of the technological development in order to produce some of the market’s most efficient energy-saving ventilation systems and heat pumps.

Nilan’s initial steps were made in an endeavour to meet a need emerging from developments in the construction sector during the oil crisis. The crisis meant that people started to insulate buildings in order to save energy. This in turn meant that there was a need for solutions that would provide healthy indoor climate in these airtight buildings – a need Nilan was able to meet.

That’s how things were back then – and still are today: Our solutions are solutions for the future. They reduce your energy consumption and therefore preserve the environment. At the same time, our solutions are based on some of the world’s most advanced technologies.

Healthy air – healthy environment

Nilan not only ensures a healthy indoor climate, but also preserves a healthy environment. Our declared aim is for everyone to play a part in actively combating climate change. We are willing to be frontrunners in this fight, and we are thus regularly involved in the environmental debate.

Environmental consciousness is one of the cornerstones of our existence. And this is why not only our solutions but also our production processes are environmentally friendly. We use eco-friendly materials and focus on recycling and minimising waste, and we are continually seeking to optimise energy consumption when developing our products.