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Nilan scores a hat trick in international energy competition

The winning project Canopea consists of four so-called Nanotowers, each of which consists of up to ten apartments. It is viewed as being the future’s answer to the housing requirements and challenges that exist in densely populated urban areas, where residents want to live in houses rather than apartments.

The towers are part of a self-sufficient energy system, and each apartment is equipped with Nilan’s Compact P solution. On top of the towers there are common areas with gardens and outdoor kitchens, which bring the house into the apartment.

”With our Compact P solution, we have delivered the equivalent of the building’s heart and lungs”, says Director of Exports Peter Sønderskov from Nilan. And this solution has been a dominant factor in Canopea having the best control of temperature, humidity and CO2 concentration, and thus having gained top marks as the building with the best indoor climate with the lowest energy consumption in mind.

The solution is innovative since ventilation, heat recovery, domestic hot water, heating and cooling is combined into one unit. This gives superior energy optimisation in both heating and cooling situations, and at the same time creates a unique indoor climate. Due to its small footprint the system can be used both in apartments and all sorts of single-family houses.

”Since our victory in 2009 we have worked hard to develop the solution and have amongst other things achieved passive house certification. We don’t rest on our laurels but persevere with the development of solutions since we live and breathe to be innovative”, says Peter Sønderskov.