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New total solution offers wide span in heating capacity

The new Compact P GEO is an extremely energy-efficient total solution that meets various and not least varying needs, all year round, thanks to its 6 kW ground source heat pump with a variable speed compressor.

A high SCOP (seasonal coefficient of performance), wide capacity span and easier fitting are just some of the benefits that follow with the launch of the newest product in our range of energy-friendly ventilation and climate solutions, the Compact P GEO 6. This unique product is the result of several months of work on finding the best possible combination of innovative heat pump and ventilation technologies.
– Through the incorporation of a variable 6 kW ground source heat pump in the passive house certified Compact P unit, we have taken a big step in terms of further developing the possibilities of this solution, says Nilan R&D Manager Jens K. Larsen.
Compact P GEO 6 is an immensely energy-efficient total solution, as proven by official tests with outstanding results, substantiated by numerous field tests. It thus offers ventilation, SHW production and space heating – all in one single unit.

Taking a further step up the efficiency ladder ahead of time

The ground source heat pump is connected to the low-temperature central heating system of the home, thus covering the entire space heating demand, with a minimum of energy consumption.

Due to the variable speed compressor of the 6 kW heat pump, its capacity spans from 2 to 6 kW. Consequently, the output is adjusted to the exact heating needs of the home, regardless the time of year. This makes it a far more efficient and energy friendly solution compared to traditional heat pumps with a fixed on/off capacity.

The consequence is a very high SCOP of 4.46, tested by the recognised Austrian Institute of Technology AIT (according to the new standard EN 14825). Consequently, the heat pump is expected to be energy labelled as an A++ product, as it meets the preliminary requirements of the Ecodesign Directive, which is finalised later this year.

More to it than meets the eye

As the ground source heat pump is fitted in the casing of the Compact P, the total solution stands out by combining all ventilation and heating features in one single unit that resembles a large refrigerator in size. This means that the solution is easily fitted and does not take up much space, making it an anonymous part of the home.

… while nothing meets the ear

According to the AIT test, the sound power level of the ground source heat pump is only 44 dB(A) and 51 dB(A) at 50% and 100% capacity, respectively (with brine/water at 0/35°C). This proves that the heat pump will only have a minor additional effect on the overall sound power level to the Compact P GEO 6 solution, compared to the standard Compact P solution.


‘Seasonal coefficient of performance’ (SCOP) is the overall coefficient of performance of the unit, representative for the whole designated heating season, calculated as the reference annual heating demand divided by the annual electricity consumption for heating.

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