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New passive-house certified Comfort system sees the light of day

Nilan is launching a new member of our popular Comfort series. The new and latest addition, Comfort CT300, has been passive houses certified and does already meet the coming 2020 requirements.

The new Comfort CT300 ventilation and heat recovery system is the new and latest addition to our popular Comfort series. The system is passive houses certified and does already meet the forthcoming and more toughen 2020 requirements regarding heat recovery and energy consumption. In terms of energy consumption, Comfort CT300 is in the top three among 66 equivalent passive-house certified systems. Comfort CT300 is perfect for all types of low-energy buildings with a ventilation requirement of up to 400 m3/h.

The optimised design makes it easier to install and service the system, as the measurement panel for balancing is located externally, and there is easy access to all components. The heat exchanger, fans and controls can all be removed just by loosening one or two screws. A newly designed G4 cassette filter can also be quickly accessed and replaced without requiring any tools.

Comfort CT300 can also include a CO2 sensor, electrical or heating element, and a pollen filter. Comfort CT300 is for wall mounting in, for example, a utility room, where it can be installed in a cupboard or on the wall. Nilan’s Comfort series also includes models for horizontal installation in attic or ridges.

Read more about Comfort CT300 here.

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