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New Comfort model combines two solutions in one

Today sees the launch of a new and enhanced version of one of our most popular products, Comfort 300, as we have combined our left and right models in one, thus eliminating complicated installations and facilitating maintenance.

A focal point of Nilan’s activities is the further development of our product range in order to continue to provide high-quality and energy efficient solutions that benefit our customers and the end user.
The most recent result of these efforts is the launch of a new and enhanced version of the Comfort 300, which has been one of our customers’ favourite choices of ventilation solutions for years.

No more left or right

The new model combines the former left and right models in one solution that can be opened in both sides.

Consequently, it is no longer necessary to know the exact position of the unit in relation to walls and ceiling before ordering it, as it can be turned both ways when fitted. The possibility of opening it from both sides also facilitates service and general maintenance, thus eliminating any inconveniences in terms of the handling of the unit.

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