VP 18 Cooling Solar

Ventilation, heat recovery, sanitary hot water, comfort heating and cooling in home areas up to 230 m² with extra large consumption of sanitary hot water.



The VP 18 Cooling  Solar system is for anyone who wants highly efficient heat recovery, an extraordinarily high production of sanitary hot water, and comfort heating and cooling.

The system extracts hot, humid air from the home and at the same time removes dust particles, moisture and odours. Furthermore, the energy from the extract air is used to heat both sanitary hot water and incoming air. The system is equipped with a built-in heating coil, which can be combined with the primary heating system to supply extra sanitary hot water for use e.g. in a spa bath. The system’s cooling facility actively cools the incoming air to approximately 8 °C below the outside temperature.

When you buy a VP 18 Cooling  Solar system, you get a comfortable and healthy indoor climate and cost savings on your heating bill.The VP 18 Cooling  Solar is a compact system that takes up no more space than an ordinary tall cupboard.