JVP SHW 105-115

Select the JVP SHW 105-115 range if you want a system that exploits ground source heat to heat your home and offers the possibility of producing sanitary hot water at the same time.



The JVP SHW 105-115 is for anyone who requires cost-effective and environmentally-friendly home heating, as well as the possibility of adding production of sanitary hot water to the equation.

The system exploits ground source energy and converts it for use in home heating and, depending on your wishes, the production of sanitary hot water. A Nilan ground source heat system is durable, efficient and virtually noiseless. Every time the heat pump uses 1 kW, it supplies 3-4 kW heat in return. In most cases, the system will have a useful lifespan of more than 20 years.

If you buy a Nilan ground source heat system, you can wave goodbye to exorbitant heating bills. The system will almost halve the cost of heating compared to oil or natural gas. As the system is a closed system, you also avoid regular maintenance, with the exception of replacing the filter once a year.

The system cabinet has a simple design. It can easily be mistaken for a refrigerator or upright freezer and is suitable for locating in a utility or technical room.