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Heating/sanitary hot water

A ground source heat system exploits latent energy in the ground by converting it to heat. When the sun shines, the energy in its rays is transferred to the ground and stored in the upper layers. The accumulated energy is used during the winter, and new energy accumulates during the summer months – just like a rechargeable battery.

All our ground source heat pumps utilise the recovered energy for space heating via a water-filled central heating system, while at the same time offering the possibility of sanitary hot water production. Ultimately, this results in great savings on your heating bill.

By means of an underground pipe system and a heat pump, energy can be extracted all year round and used to heat homes. The pipe system is typically 200-500 m long and buried about 1 m under the surface so that it is not subject to ground frost. The principal benefit of ground source heat compared to e.g. wind or solar power is that a ground source heat system can supply energy all year round regardless of the climatic conditions. Also, the system requires only minimal maintenance.



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