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NilAIR tubes

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    Use A flexible solution to carry the supply air and extract air around the home. The tubes are developed especially for ventilation systems and can be installed in various different building components, such as:
    • Insulation layer
    • The cast concrete floors or concrete ceilings
    • Above suspended ceilings
    • Under floors with sufficient space to carry the tubes
    The tubes present many advantages compared to the traditional spiral duct solution. Installation does not take a lot of time, no need for special tools such as a grinder, and the tubes are easy to install in confined spaces. This flexibility means that the tubes can be used in many situations where traditional ducts cannot be used, due to the confined space and narrow ducting routes. The tubes can be bent to the following radius: Ø75 mm: 27 cm Ø90 mm: 30 cm

    End cap

    To seal any unused connectors in the distribution box. The cover can also be used to protect from building dust and rain water when mounted on tubes or distribution boxes.

    Duct-to-duct connector

    Used to connect tubes, in the cases where there is a need to extend a tube.


    • Smooth inside - minimising resistance and facilitating cleaning
    • Reinforced corrugated exterior (STIS > 12.0 kN/m2 in accordance with EN ISO 9969 SN 12)
    • Easy to hide in the existing insulation (no extra insulation)
    • Bendable - not necessary to buy bends and T-sections
    • Sound-absorbing - no need to install extra sound absorbers between each room


    The sound-absorbing of “telephony” is more than 50 dB at an oktave band medium frekvenz of 1000 Hz. Testet according to ISO 3741 and EN ISO9614-1 (HTA Luzern - Prüfbericht Nr: HP-04389)


    Rapid installation

    Thanks to the unique, patented NilAIR click system, all tubes in the air distribution system can be mounted without using tools, due to the special design of the connectors on the distribution, extract and supply air boxes.


    The connectors are designed to match both Ø75 mm og Ø90 mm tubes.


    Installation of NilAIR Ø75 mm tube
    There is a clamp ring on the connectors. When the tube has been pushed in and locked by the grips in the connector (A), the clamp ring is pushed into place (B), which ensures a stable, sealed join.

    Installation of NilAIR Ø90 mm tube
    Lay a silicon sealing joint in the connecting pipe. Push the hose into the connecting pipe. Lock the hose in place using the barbs on the connecting pipe. The joint is now stable and watertight.

    Pressure loss per meter

     NilAIR tubes