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Residential Passive House, Kerry

Location: Co. Kerry, Ireland

Residential Passive House 180 m.sq.
plus 2 year data logging.


Project overview:

Team Members: Maurice Falvey, Designer and Supplier of Compact P heat pump. Certified Passive House in Kerry with installed Nilan Compact P heat pump cost €273 per year to run. Whilst maintaining +20degC in the house, all domestic hot water heating at +50degC and ventilation / passive heat recovery including air heating via Air-to-Air heat pump.


 Products installed:
  • Nilan Compact P

Description of project:

Passive House Association of Ireland, Briefing video link.

Link to Report; Nilan Ireland _2 years monitoring of CPH Kerry_13th See The Light.
2 KW output geothermal heating module was integrated in to Compact P and was connected to a zoned underfloor heating system as back up to Air-to-Air space heating system. This was only switched on for 3 months and operated in hallway and a bathroom , however, at all times the warm air heating was primary heating source.


SERVE Conference 2012 – Pathways to 2020 Presentation


Download presentation here: Passive-House_Kerry

There was no stove installed in the house, so all energy consumed was relating to electrical consumption.

The interesting fact from 2 years of monitoring, the summer by-pass valve was open for 46% of the time meaning that the house was in a ventilation mode. At least the Compact P can produce domestic hot water from exhaust air and not all the exhaust energy was wasted as you would typically find in standard MVHR unit.


Link to feature; Kerry’s Eye on Certified Passive House in Kerry

The Engineers Journal link; http://www.engineersjournal.ie/heat-pumps-carbon-emissions-ireland/