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Wetlands Centre Traleel

Location: Tralee, Co. Kerry

Year: 2011


Project overview:

Tralee Bay Wetlands Centre is conceived and planned by Tralee Town Council as an innovative, sustainable and authentic ‘must see’ visitor attraction, developed to the highest international standards, aimed at attracting new overseas and domestic tourists to Tralee and the wider South-West region.

Download project details: Tralee Bay Wetland Centre

The project, costing €4.5m to develop, is jointly funded by Tralee Town Council and Fáilte Ireland under the National Development Plan (2007-13). It is expected to attract up to 70,000 visitors per annum at peak.

 Products installed:
  • Nilan VPM560

Project details:

CNilan VPM560 provides mechanical ventilation & heat recovery using heat pump technology, its energy is obtained from extracted air and uses it to heat up fresh air supply into building. If there is plenty of activity within the building including solar gains the VPM560 will have sufficient energy to draw upon and if not, the Gas boiler will assist by boosting air temperature locally at air beams and with thermally well insulated building and air tight adds to efficiency of the system. From initially start up at 6am the system just need “kick-start” by circulating hot water around air beam for few hours and when staff start to arrive in the building, it’s able to hold its internal temp from there on using “active heat recovery”

PDF with project details: Tralee Bay Wetland Centre_rev00