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Irish Society of Autism building

Project overview:

The 630m2 building was substantially renovated and a new extension added to the now 9 bedroom/Ensuite assisted living building. The Nilan VPM240 (max. flowrate 2400m3/hr) provides all ventilation for building and heat recovery via Air-to-Air heat pump which delivers air heating up to 30degC in winter period and air cooling during summer. Zoned underfloor heating system was installed throughout on ground floor and weather compensated heating hot water was supplied by a 17KW ground source heat pump.


Domestic hot water is preheated by same ground source heat pump and maintained at +60degC in re-heat cylinder by oil boiler. Rain water collection tank was installed and piped to all toilets which limits need for mains water supply. LED lighting with motion sensors were installed to ensure unnecessary lighting was switched off when the area was unoccupied. The system design provides a truly sustainable building with low running costs for operator.


 Products installed:
  • Nilan VPM240