VLX range

A unit which does not only ventilate but also recovers heat from the extract air to heat the incoming air.


The VLX-range comprises of thoroughly testet heat recovery units specially developed for use in commercial buildings which require air renewal up to 3600 m3/h.

A VLX system removes the hot, humid air from the building and injects temperate air. The energy in the extract air is recovered and transferred to the incoming air via passive heat recovery through a cross flow heat exchanger. The VLX-range comprises of two EC-centrifugal fans, a cross flow heat exchanger, bypass damper and built-in F5 and F7 filters. The unit is available with a supplementary heating element so that the incoming air has a pleasant temperature even on the coldest winter days.

The system is constructed as compact as possible which makes it easy to maintain and place where the space is limited. All the necessary sensors, fire thermostats etc. is built-in and connected internally in the system, which reduces the installation costs considerably.

The unit is controlled by our CTS 602 control panel.