The VPM 120-560 range

A standard total solution, combining ventilation, heat recovery and cooling in a single unit.


The VPM 600-3200 range comprises highly efficient heat recovery units with cooling facility. The units are specially developed for use in commercial buildings which require air renewal up to 5,600 m³/hour.

A VPM unit removes the hot, humid air from the building and injects temperate air. The energy in the extract air is recovered and transferred to the incoming air via a unique combination of active (heat pump) and passive (heat pipe) heat recovery. The high efficiency of the VPM range is due to the unique construction, which combines the best of two technologies. The technology improves energy efficiency so that it is close to 100 %. This means that the need for the supply of heat during the cold months of the year is reduced to a minimum, and significant savings are made on the building's energy consumption and CO2 emissions. During the summer the process is reversed so that the incoming air is cooled.

The plug’n’play solution is modular and can be configured to match individual customer wishes and requirements. This makes the range extremely simple to install. The unit is monitored and controlled by our CTS 600 or 6000 control panel.2