The VPL 31-125 range

A total solution that combines ventilation, heat recovery and cooling in a single unit. Due to its flexible construction, this unit is ideal for use in renovation projects.

The VPL 31-125 range comprises thoroughly tried and tested heat recovery units with cooling facility. The units are specially developed for use in commercial buildings which require air renewal up to 12,000 m³/hour.

A VPL unit removes the hot, humid air from the building and injects temperate air. The energy in the extract air is recovered and transferred to the incoming air via a unique combination of active (heat pump) and passive (heat pipe) heat recovery. The unique twin function of these units makes them ideal for use in renovation projects, where the physical environment is established beforehand. The units are flexible and can be adapted to suit local conditions.

The units are compact and easy to service as all components are located in a single cabinet. The unit is monitored and controlled by our CTS 6000 control panel.