Comfort 1200

A unit which does not only ventilate but also recovers heat from the extract air to heat the incoming air.


The Comfort 1200 is a passive heat recovery unit, specially developed for commercial buildings which require air renewal up to 1,200 m³/hour.

The unit removes the hot, humid air from the building and injects temperate air. The energy in the extract air is recovered and transferred to the incoming air via a countercurrent heat exchanger. The Comfort 1200 comprises two energy-saving EC fans, a countercurrent heat exchanger and two panel filters which filter out dust particles. The unit is available with a supplementary heating element so that the incoming air has a pleasant temperature even on the coldest winter days.

The units are compact which means that they are easy to maintain and can be located even in restricted spaces. The unit is controlled by our CTS 602 control panel.