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Commercial solutions

Nilans range of indoor climate solutions for commercial building and centralized ventilation solutions for flat buildings covers a wide range from ventilation and heat recovery systems to advanced total solutions that is able to both ventilate and heat recover, produce sanitary hot water, has comfort cooling and comfort heating. Use the directory below to find the system-range that is able to fulfil your needs for an indoor climate solution.

Ventilation Passiv varmegenvinding Aktiv varmegenvinding Komfort køl Komfort varme Produktion af varmt brugsvand
VPM 120-560-serien                           
VPM 600-3200-serien     
VPL 31-125-serien  
Comfort 1200        


Low energy consumption and low operating costs

Our units have an energy efficiency of up to 100 % in the heat recovery process. This equates to huge energy savings and therefore low operating costs. Moreover, the units are easy and cheap to maintain.

Long lifespan and maximum output

The unbeatable quality of the units is a result of the fact that we use only the best components and materials. All units are built at our factory in Denmark and are tested in operation before leaving the factory.

We take pride in working with future-proof technology and are constantly at the forefront of developments. Consequently, in combination with our high quality requirements, our ventilation and heat recovery units have an exceptionally long lifespan. – And many of them are more than thirty years old and still in operation.

A healthy indoor climate improves human efficiency and well-being

A Nilan ventilation and heat recovery unit is not only synonymous with healthy finances but also with healthy people.

By means of the ventilation facility, all our solutions ensure a better indoor climate, which is decisive for day-to-day well-being and efficiency at workplaces, schools and other buildings where people spend their time.