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Environmental focus

Since day one we have been deeply committed to offering our customers ventilation systems and heat pumps that not only provide a healthy indoor climate and savings on energy bills using heat recovery, but that are also environmentally-friendly. We have maintained this focus because we believe that everyone of us has a responsibility to secure the future of our planet.

From our point of view, energy optimisation is not a choice. It is a necessity and therefore a necessary part of our systems benefitting both you and the environment. We believe that we owe it to future generations to settle for nothing less than the best. This means that we act here and now and does not wait until it is too late. We believe that a proactive and long-term strategy and approach are the way ahead, along with the necessity of switching from dependency on fossil fuels to exploiting sustainable sources of energy such as solar power and ground source energy.

Energy-saving is central to everything at Nilan

Nilan ventilation systems and heat pumps are by definition energy-saving. This is however not enough for us: We work consistently to increase the efficiency of our solutions and thus reduce energy consumption. When we develop our systems, we bear in mind not only our customers’ current requirements but also their future needs.

Moreover, it is not only our products that are environmentally-friendly. We incorporate energy-savings into our production processes in many ways, including by minimising waste.

Active participation in the environmental debate

We often participate actively in projects focusing on energy-friendly buildings and especially passive houses. At Nilan, we are very keen to influence the direction taken in green politics and technology. Therefore, we are actively involved in the green debate, including by joining relevant organisations working with low-energy solutions. Our position is clear and we are very willing to enter into a dialogue, not to be proven right but to press for results.