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Quality assurance

All components in our ventilation systems and heat pumps, from metal plates to valves, are literally tested from all angles throughout the production process.

All systems are tested in operation

Our quality assurance routines and, not least, the operating test to which all our systems are subjected before they leave the factory, ensure that Nilan meets all the market’s quality requirements. However, in an effort to live up to our own high requirements, we often go one step further. This explains why there are claims on only 0.8 % of our systems. That is a low figure, but we still intend to reduce it by half.

Long experience equals great expertise

Our production team is trained to produce our specific kind of systems. This ensures that we have high-level competences and share the knowledge we have gathered throughout the many years we have been in the market. Our employees know and appreciate why even the smallest details are important, e.g. that no dust is allowed to enter the cooling system as this can erode the unit.

Consistent focus on learning and improving

No one is perfect and we are not afraid to learn from our mistakes in order to do things better next time. This is why we at Nilan constantly strive to improve our company as an entity and not least the quality of our ventilation and heat pump solutions – especially with a view to improving production efficiency by means of measurement, dialogue, follow-ups and assessments.