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Product development

Our product development work revolves primarily around something that has always been Nilan’s aim and motivation: Creating solutions for the future. Our long-term focus in combination with our comprehensive know-how is not simply a necessity but also our reality.

First movers with comprehensive know-how

Our experience, know-how and adaptability are factors which allow us to meet individual customer requirements. At the same time, our long-term focus means that we are often first movers when it comes to new trends and developments in the market.

We often take part in innovation projects and are therefore a strong player when it comes to thinking out of the box and into the future. Moreover, our participation in such projects means that we maintain our position as frontrunner when the future comes closer.

We only see solutions and opportunities

To claim that nothing is impossible would be an exaggeration. It is true to say, however, that this is as close to being a reality as possible at Nilan. Where others see limitations, we see opportunities and, not least, solutions.

Ever since Nilan’s foundation, our capacity to adapt and exploit our skills to the full has been key to our success. We believe that this will also be the way ahead for us. We are players in a market that is constantly changing and developing. Only by welcoming and working proactively with the opportunities which these changes bring are we able to guarantee our customers systems that will still be functional and up-to-date in thirty years’ time. So that is what we do.