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Market-oriented focus

At Nilan, the customer is in focus: We listen to our customers and we meet their needs through a consistent focus on exploiting the opportunities that technology provides.

A promise to provide the optimal solution

Meeting your requirements is our most important priority. We believe that the only way to achieve this is to enter into a dialogue. This way we make sure that you receive not just a system, but rather a solution to your needs.

We are thorough in our approach to all the projects we are involved in. No project is completed before everything runs as it should, and we are certain that we have provided you with the optimal solution that functions flawlessly. Buy Nilan and you buy a promise that the solution you get matches your needs. We won’t settle for less, which is a promise we are determined to keep. Nilan’s ventilation systems and heat pumps are therefore always adapted to meet not only the needs of the market but also new energy requirements and legislation.

A strong dialogue and advisory partner

Thanks to our comprehensive constructional know-how, Nilan is a strong dialogue and advisory partner. We believe that it is not enough to know everything about ventilation and heat pump systems. For us, success lies in providing you with the best possible solution. To do this, we need to be old hands in the industry, who know a lot about the building as an entity and its surroundings. A Nilan system must be an integrated part of a building – not just an appendage. Thus, our focus is holistic and we create complete solutions.