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Business concept

Our business is based on a simple philosophy:

”To become our customers’ preferred supplier, we must be the market’s best at creating value through a high return of investment. Low operating costs mean the payback period is short and, when added to a long lifespan, we have the preconditions for offering the best systems in financial terms. We are firmly convinced that the key to achieving this is quality.”

Long product lifespan – It only takes one installation

We consider our systems to be an integrated part of the building that will follow it for the majority of its lifespan. A ventilation system runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. This adds up to more than 8,700 hours, which corresponds to the same number of hours a car runs over 12 years if it is driven two hours a day. So quality is an all-important parameter in relation to the lifespan of the product. Many of the systems Nilan produced in the early days are in fact still running after more than 30 years. This proves that we mean what we say when we use the word “quality”.

The experience we have gained during our many years in the market also means that we know exactly why quality is important and recognise the value it represents to our customers. Many other systems do not have as long a lifespan as Nilan’s. And, as the installation costs almost as much as the system itself, a cheaper system will not necessarily be a better investment in the long term, because the customer will be forced to buy a new system and pay for installation once more.

Low operating costs ensure a short payback period

At Nilan, we equate quality with low operating costs. Since we only use components and material of the highest quality, they do not require the same level of maintenance as those of less high quality. Consequently, the costs of service and replacements are kept to a minimum through the lifespan of the investment. Nilan’s systems also hold first place when it comes to energy savings. The yearly saving is often so large that the investment pays for itself within a number of years.

Together with the long lifespan, the low operating costs mean we can guarantee that you get some of the most sensible systems in terms of the total costs versus savings and not least quality. That’s our promise to you!