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Modbus communication becomes standard feature of the VPM 120-560 range

The VPM 120-560 range now comes standard with the CTS 602 control which allows for Modbus communication.

Modbus communication for the VPM 120-560 range has until now been reserved for solutions where CTS 6000 was chosen as an optional extra. As of today, this is no longer the case. The CTS 602 control replaces CTS 600 as the standard control for this range, providing the possibility of Modbus communication to those who prefer the easy-to-use CTS 602 rather than the more comprehensive, configurable CTS 6000.

Modbus compatibility permits communication with the overall management system of the building’s climate solutions as well as central operation of several ventilation units via the main PCB. Altogether, this makes the operation a less complex matter, especially taking into consideration the man hours saved with centrally operated solutions, as opposed to operating every one of them individually.

Automatic reduction in CO2 concentration

The settings of the CTS 602 also include adjustment of the air exchange rate according to the CO2 concentration in the air, if a CO2 sensor has been chosen as an optional extra. Thereby, a healthy indoor climate is ensured, as the solution automatically detects and reacts to a high concentration of CO2.

Common alarm relay

A common alarm relay output offers the possibility of connecting a central control solution, lamp, siren or the like to the system, thus providing an extra warning in addition to the one shown in the display when the system detects any alarm defined as critical. This ensures that none of these alarms will go unnoticed, even if the operator does not check the operating panel on a regular basis.

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