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Compact P a key ingredient in pioneering passive house training program

The energy efficiency and comfort building standard ‘passive house’ is gaining an increasingly strong foothold in the construction industry. The most recent step is the establishment of the world’s first passive house training courses, which places emphasis on hands-on training evolving around Nilans Compact P solution, among others.

In Ireland, the first-of-kind certified Passive House Tradesman training courses for construction professionals have become a great success with several courses having been completed and many other learners already having signed up for future ones, including professionals from the United States and Canada.

The courses offer unemployed craftsmen, architects, engineers and the like the opportunity to gain new competences by providing them with skills and knowledge based on both theory and hands-on training.

The hands-on training involves the fitting and testing of various passive house components. Among the mechanical systems chosen for this purpose is Nilans all-in-one heating system Compact P that combines ventilation, heating and production of sanitary hot water in a single solution. The Compact P is certified for use in passive houses and already fitted in numerous homes around the world built according to the energy efficiency and comfort building standard.


Maurice Falvey of Nilan Ireland giving a presentation on the functionalities of the Compact P.


– Giving impetus to the passive house concept is a focal point of our activities, states Nilan Key Account Manager Philip Dahl.

– As one of only a handful of manufacturers of compact indoor climate solutions for passive houses, we consider it our obligation to share our knowledge and place our products at the disposal of those wishing to learn more of thisenergy efficient standard.

Accredited by the Passivhaus Institut

The courses are offered by the Passive House Academy through FAS, a governmental body for training and employment. After having completed their exams, learners receive a certificate as proof of their new title as certified Passive House Tradesman, accredited by the internationally recognised Passivhaus Institut (PHI).

PHI is the organisation behind the passive house building standard and thus also takes the lead on the further development of the discipline. According to Maurice Falvey of Nilan Ireland, the potential of the courses has not gone unnoticed:

– PHI looked on with interest, as the first courses proved to be a model to the development of future certified Passive House Tradesmen courses. Since that time, PHI has extended them worldwide.

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