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Nilan-Garona partnership results in first-of-its-kind indoor climate solution

Nilan has developed a cutting-edge ventilation and heat recovery system in collaboration with one of the largest constructors of low-energy houses in France, Groupe Garona. The assignment was an alternative approach to the use of underground pipes to preheat and cool air. The solution was a customised model of Nilan’s total solution Compact P.

Groupe Garona, one of the largest constructors of low-energy houses on the French market, commenced the development of a new house type in 2008. In the search for a manufacturer of total solutions willing to rethink its products, Garona contacted Nilan in 2010. Now, two years later, we can present a one-of-a-kind ventilation and heat recovery solution.

The heating and cooling of the new house type were to be based on a further development of the known technology used in connection with underground pipes for heating and cooling of the inlet air in a ventilation system. Nilan did not hesitate in accepting this possibility of challenging convention:

– As a leading company in ventilation and heat pump systems, innovation is a natural parameter in everything we do. Furthermore, we have the flexibility to take part in innovative projects such as this one to the benefit of our customers and of our work on further developing the product range, says Nilan Key Account Manager Philip Dahl.

Crawl space allows for additional heat absorption and cooling

More specifically, Garona wished to increase the heat absorption and cooling of the air from the underground pipes – depending on the time of the year – in a labyrinth in the house’s crawl space and subsequently recovering the energy of the air rather than drawing it into the house.

Calculations prove that a crawl space offers extensive heating and cooling potential as a supplementary energy source. However, because the air is carried through the crawl space, it cannot be used as inlet air due to a risk of smell nuisances. This alternative use of underground pipes has never been seen before, hence the need for a customised total solution for the project.

Nilan took up the challenge together with the company Ventilan, dealer of Nilan solutions in the southwest of France. The cooperation led to the development of a new, combined solution based on the passive house certified Nilan solution Compact P that meets the stated requirements, thus making for the first total solution in the world that transfers the energy from pre-heated air from underground pipes to fresh inlet air as illustrated below.


Complying with stringent building standard

Due to the specially designed construction of the Compact P, a healthy indoor climate is provided without having to compromise on energy efficiency. The Garona house type is therefore able to meet the requirements of a new, stringent French building standard (RT 2012).

The first 10 houses will be finished within the first months of 2012, and Garona expects this figure to rise to several hundred houses per year due to the vast potential of this solution.

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